Phos House

The residence on Paros island is set on the first floor of an old building with a great view across the harbor of Naousa. The route is culminated while entering the residence where the visitor understands the purity of the spaces and their contact with the Aegean Sea view.
The simplicity of architectural design and surface cleanliness are central to the architectural composition and functionality of the premises. Because of the small space of the house, special attention was paid to the design of the living room and the kitchen with a single space so as not to separate the uses but also not to see their limits. This is mainly attributed to the integration of the kitchen counter with the living room as a large free line. At this level, two bedrooms with ensuite bathrooms are developed to serve the needs of a family or two couples and fully cover their comforts.
The materials used are simple and natural, designed and applied in great detail and quality to preserve the sense of luxury that emits the entire home. The interior is dominated by the beige cement mortar on the walls and floors that comes in complete balance with the dark color of the special wooden constructions. The wooden furnishings follow the same simplicity of design to highlight the attention to every detail.
All the above are combined in such a way as to create continuous surfaces with a calm, warm effect. This is reinforced by the use of hand-made luminaires made of natural materials such as the reminiscent pendant of the circular dining room, which is made of recyclable paper and the luminaires of the bedrooms that are made of concrete in earthy tones, visually shaping a single aesthetic effect .
The choice of materials and colors combined with the functionality of the architectural composition complements the contemporary Cycladic style while retaining an aesthetic to bring it into beautiful harmony.