Skiathos Blu Hotel Public Areas

The main characteristics of the architectural design are referred to the modern aesthetic of the existing building by conserving the simplicity of lines and the clarity of style. At the same time, the wide openings of the lobby, restaurant and bar emphasize the flowing dialogue between the internal space and the landscape. The styling choices and architectural handlings of materials and structures produce the necessary complexity of the built environment which in turn reflects to the high quality daily experience of the visitor.

Rooms have been re-designed driven by the need for pure forms and shapes and simultaneously the re-establishment of a more effective connection to the surrounding natural environment. Taking into account the international contemporary trends in hotel interior design, rooms are bright and extroverted. This sense is bolstered by the “open” plan in bathrooms and the use of glass-walls. Wardrobes and bathroom basing tops are designed and constructed by light metal structure which reduces the massiveness and allows the natural light to pass through. Visual cohesion is also ensured by the floating surfaces in the cases of desks and benches.

In all cases and in terms of color choices, there are color block style zones; the white zone which illuminates the space and makes it minimal combined with a light grey one to blend with the floor’s natural stones.
Black details, carefully selected in terms of their position and range, highlight room’s contrast and design definition lines. In addition, in each room the colored tiles with geometric patterns replace the local traditional and folk rugs which in combination with the similar styling choices in the lighting fixtures provide a more welcoming and warm effect.

The final result undoubtedly satisfies the lovers of that kind design which interacts with the natural landscape, creates a game with materials and light and finally enriches the daily routine of each guest.