Seascape Suite 3

The idea regarding the architectural design for this complex of houses located in Santorini island was to incorporate the modern minimalist approach into the eternal aesthetics of the traditional Cycladic form.

The name "SEASCAPE" arose due to the location of the plot, from which if the view from the property was a fresco on Akrotiri, it would be seascape. Also, within the word SEASCAPE is also included the verb ESCAPE, which in combination with the sea creates a play that refers to the general feeling of space and leisure.

The simplicity of the design, the transparency of the construction and the purity of the surfaces come in harmony with the local idiom, emphasizing the traditional elements that appear with modern elements of expression.

The dominant theme regarding the interior design is the white washed color of the walls, the use of natural and untreated wood on the ceilings and furniture and also, the use of the cement screed. All the above characteristics are combined in a way to create quiet and continuous surfaces; providing a clean and natural result. Furthermore, the use of the light and unique materials complement the composition both visually and functionally adding a sensitive touch to the final result.

The external space includes built-in sofas, levels and small steps where the material changes from cement to stone in order to enhance the structural simplicity and also to create a smooth transition from inside to outside and this is what makes the