Rocabella Hotel

With respect to the traditional architecture and topography, as well as the satisfaction of modern needs and aesthetic requirements, Rocabella Hotel in Mykonos, Agios Stefanos, is redesigned to offer a unique hospitality experience.

The main features of the hotel are not only its privileged location close to the coastline of Agios Stefanos and its unique view to the city of Mykonos, but also the interesting composition of white Cycladic volumes in relation to the physical landscape.

The hotel’s pool terrace, which includes a new pool, landscaped terrace, pool bar and reception, as well as the relocation of the hotel’s spa and gym into a new space, is entirely devoted to the visitor, constituting a social field of diverse qualities and activities. All spaces are organized and interacted harmoniously with the unobstructed view where the infinity pool plays a key role to the composition of holiday setting of unique luxury and sophisticated comfort.

The design of the common spaces was based to the exterior outline of the existing building as the main objective of the design was all the new spaces to have direct contact with the landscape and the pool. The reception and the bar have been suggested in new areas ensuring a constant contact with the guest while the spa, gym and the two restaurants have been organized around the pool, each maintaining its own privacy.

The materials used are simple and natural, designed and applied in great detail and quality to preserve the sense of luxury that emits the entire hotel. The interior is dominated by the beige cement mortar on the walls and floors that comes in complete balance with the dark color of the special wooden constructions. The wooden furnishings follow the same simplicity of design to highlight the attention to every detail.
All the above are combined in such a way as to create continuous surfaces with a calm, warm effect. This is reinforced by the use of hand-made luminaires made of natural materials.