Mezcal is a stylish Peruvian restaurant housed in an old hotel building in an island on the Nile River in the heart of Cairo. Mezcal’s setting is one of a perfectly dilapidated luxe with Latin American influences, combined with sleek and contemporary metallic finishes. The space brings together an array of painted walls, jacquard wallpapers and art deco furniture with a sense of modern atmosphere through the use of lush velvet and luxurious leather. The interior design of the space creates a unique mystique atmosphere providing visitors with an all-round dining experience which transports to the heart of Latin America.

The space is divided into two distinct but complementary areas• the high seating area with the impressive bar with the golden and the restaurant area with more typical and formal seating.
The visual division of the space is reinforced by the use of the decorative vertical metal structures which are imposed in the interior design. In addition, the wooden flooring in chevron style in the bar area and the terracotta hexagon tile in the main restaurant area compose a setting of a place with an absolute authenticity.

The lighting design is subtle and discreet through the use of suspended lights in the bar, wall mounted lightings in selected areas and typical spots in the rails which are running the most part of the space, overall contributing to the augmentation of the mystique atmosphere to the visitor.

The interior design of Mezcal restaurant with the contradict combination and balancing of classic and new trends brings to Cairo the vibrant spirit of modern Latin America. The exceptional combination of materials, colors, finishes and lightings compose an intimate environment where the client is perceived a unique setting where modern refinement meets traditional Latin culture.