Klima Klima wine bar

A contemporary wine bar with traditional characteristics was the aim of the project. The challenge was to incorporate a fully operative gourmet restaurant – wine bar in a very small space that could host wine lovers during all seasons of the year.
The idea was to place the bar on the outermost corner of the building shell and mirror the interior space to the exterior. This way, the bar is located in the centre of the space and creates two kinds of halls around it. One is the main section which is equipped with wooden tables for four and a communal table in the back of the hall that stands out together with the wine-red leather, L-shape couch surrounding it. The decorative attraction of the main hall is the wall mounted wine cellar created from more than 1000 wooden cubits above the high tables. This tailor-made construction for bottle storage forms a traditional lace pattern with shapes of wine leaves and grapes in green and red respectively.
At the opposite side of the bar is the summer section which is a peripheral extension added to the existing building. It is a convertible steel structure with an industrial character equipped with custom made tables decorated with wine grape pattern ceramic tiles, which dress the bar top as well. The tables are framed by linear couches hanged from the walls on one side and high-end design armchairs on the other. Both the roof and the vertical glazing are designed to open during the spring-summer period in order to offer customers the Greek climate experience.
Walls and floors are coated with a warm grey plaster, steel structure elements are coloured in wine red and wooden furniture in natural colour. Pendant luminaires and speakers decorate the internal hall while wall mounted lamps create a more relaxing atmosphere at the peripheral section. Bamboo trees enclosing the steel structure create beautiful shadings behind the sun-protective rollers during the day.