"Giacomo" restaurant is a space of sophisticated design and aesthetics. Its concept is mainly dedicated to offer the visitor the feeling of luxury and classical atmosphere.
The main interior space is divided up by an ornate plaster arch and at the same time it communicates with the external area which is arranged into three zones. The outcome of this division is a main restaurant with a well-designed hall, a bar with comfortable lounge seats, a patio with rotonda tables designed for all day use, a back yard as an area of privacy and al fresh -the outdoor garden along the trail of the shopping center.

The concept claims for the diversity of all spaces in terms of use and to create a living space for all hours of the day. We consider very important the customer's need to experience the space differently on every visit. Thus, this sceme, a look alike multi-concept hotel lobby, emphasizes on this feeling.

The crafted gypsum details on the inner walls combined with the old-fashioned arched mirrors and the themed wallpaper, the chevron wood flooring as well as the choice of colors and furniture, constitute a unique setting in order to give the impression of reviving a different “era”.

It is worth to notice the different proposal on the ceilings and layouts of the two parts. The bar with its wooden finish and marble surfaces consists an area ideal for fine drinking but also fine dining where the visitor can enjoy his meal in the lounge area which is featuring the cozy velvet sofas. The main restaurant has a more simple roof that comes in balance and harmony with the “flowery” elements on the walls and the materiality of sofas and tables. The same philosophy is adopted at the exterior of the restaurant, creating the same sense of luxury. The color palette of the exterior is alternated to match with the intense interior colors.

Finally, special attention was paid to lighting, which complements and conveys the sense of finesse. The appearance and multiplicity of classical style ceiling pendants and spots at specified points, create a familiar and yet mysterious atmosphere in every room and allow the customer to indulge himself with refinement throughout the day, as well as in the evening.