The restaurant concept lives up to its name, Izakaya, which refers to the relaxed way of gathering the Japanese during dinner.
The restaurant’s modern design is as sophisticated and creative as Asian fusion cuisine. The reinterpretation of traditional Asian architectural elements using high-quality materials and natural colors lend a unique appeal to the 200 m² restaurant.
The dominant architectural element in the space is an oak vestibule which create patrons into the restaurant. This feature sections off a slightly elevated seating area that consists three cosy seating alcoves. Sectioned off by frames embellished with Asian-inspired decorations, these small nooks are popular among guests, providing an open view both into the restaurant and outside. Enjoy artistically designed meals while seated at solid wooden table tops set on delicate, canted wooden table legs. These decoration patterns are repeated in the entrance and in the ceiling as well in order to define the functionality of the spaces.
The walls are surrounded by luxury wallpapers decorated with geometric motifs, while the use of gray cement mortar completes a uniform aesthetic result.
The bar and sushi counter elegantly and discreetly form a stunning palette of colour finishes and material. The black ceiling panelling accentuates the purity of the glass façade and opens up the space. It also creates a backdrop for golden and bronze decorations that catch the light from different angles. The bar’s elegant brass shelf in combination with the orange marble top and the Light wooden slats also seem to come alive in the light. The stone sushi counter has been designed as a solid surface structure in order to provide a dynamic appearance.
Finally, lighting design follows the logic of Japanese culture with a special emphasis on the emergence of materials and the use of pendant decorative lighting from natural materials.
The décor has been perfectly conceived to the last detail, including luxury but simple materials with stylish brass fittings and atmospheric lighting.