Block 146

The Block 146 bar restaurant was created in the 146 block of N. Erithraia to serve as an all hour’s meeting point attraction.
The aim of its design was to create a classic area with a touch of industrial feel and atmosphere which reminds a New York bistro.
The two central columns which bisect the space, determined the layout of the bar in a parallel way to the seating space, so that the eyesight and movement to be free and unobstructed. Moreover, the selection and use of materials needed to provide the necessary unity and for this purpose the inlay embracing the bar turns and meets the wooden floor whose application is shifted diagonally towards the rear of the floor. At the same time a metal structure unites the structure of the illuminated bar shelves with the hanging sofa, while forming the fundamental support pillars of lighting in the ceiling height .
The chosen wall lamps with black and yellow brackets, as well as the green leather couches were designed so as to provide a touch of color and to create the right atmosphere setting the boundaries of the eye-catching bar.
In search of warm surfaces on which the reflections and shadows will be scattered around, the chosen eco plaster finish gave the desired result.
The brick with a dark gray shade creates a playful depth illusion in the darkest corner of the room which has a lower ceiling, while its use in all the external sides of the space alternate with the suspended separating panes of Factory type iron muntin windows.
The existence of additional materials and structures such as the mirrors , the neon lights , the graphics , the external conditioning channels and blinds, synthesize the ambience so as to alternate moods , to draw contrasts and to create the interest for a bold architecture that endures in time.