Atoles Retreat

Balance. Rhythm. Emphasis. Principles to respect.
Serenity. Connection. Well-being. Senses to evoke.

Atoles Retreat attain to bring in the essential qualities of the ultimate destination for holidaymakers.
Nestled in the iconic Cliffside of Imerovigli, enjoying splendid views of sunset and sea, this retreat espouses the vernacular building typology of Santorini, skillfully adapted to the harsh natural setting. Five autonomous suites harmoniously blend into the rough, earthy terrain while the only indication of the opulence of living quarters housed therein, are the crystal blue waters of the private pools. Introducing the pared-back luxury of simplicity combined with high-end amenities, Atoles Retreat welcomes you to an immersive getaway under the Aegean sun.
Embracing the sophistication of contemporary minimalism, design eschew exaggeration creating a sensitive balance between richness and restraint. Interiors are adorned with natural materials and textures like marble, stone and linen, leading to a sense of belonging, while organic shapes of delicate artisan objects enhance the coherence with the raw landscape. Moreover, “wine” red in the details, referring to the local viniculture, gives rise to a surprising contrast and enriches the muted color scheme, stimulating the reflection of the genuine character of Santorini. Evidence of traditional architecture merges with contemporary tints, attaining a profound continuity of time, as well as a graceful coexistence of the prime and the modern.
The five suites that sculpturally unfold in tight-knit sequence, wrap up all the essential facilities in order to put forward a unique hospitality experience. Each one enjoys elegantly designed interiors with comfy living areas that open into subtly furnished terraces with private pool, inextricably linked to the magnificent view of the sea, sunset and Caldera. Intimacy and tranquility provide the perfect setting for guests to feel the ultimate energy of this beautiful island.
The idyllic beauty of natural surroundings tempts holiday seeking-travelers to re-balance their minds and reset their bodies in the context of a serene retreat of laid back sophistication and Cycladic charm.
Elegantly simple with an uncompromised attention to detail, Atoles Retreat suggests understated luxury and leisurely finesse as the paramount terms of summer escape.